Learn the proper way to workout with our CrossFit program in a private one on one setting… on your own schedule!


Personal attention makes all the difference…

Concerned that you will get lost in the group maddness of a CrossFit gym?

Worried that your form and technique will slow you down, thus not giving you the opportunity to succeed at warp speed?

Have a busy schedule that will not allow you to come to a set Gator Ramp -Intro to CrossFit – class schedule?

Get all the Personal Attention you deserve, have all sets of eye balls directly on you as you embark on your new journey at Gator CrossFit.

Listen, yes, CrossFit is complex and takes time to master.  There are a lot of movements that require specific and detailed coaching to ensure you do things correctly, right from the beginning.

With your Private Foundation sessions, these sessions are geared towards providing you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful with your CrossFit training.

Each session is broken down to the very basics of movement and progresses through the more complex exercises as you become comfortable in the gym.

Here’s what you will come to expect out of these sessions:

1) Expert Coaching that ensures you learning everything based on you and you alone

2) Detailed programming to suit your timing of learning the proper way to do things

3) Scheduled on your own time, thus eliminating the pressure of finding a class time

4) Learn stretching techniques to help improve your flexibility

And much more…

* This is by far the BEST way to Personalize your experience with our Gator CrossFit program.  Why? One on one personal attention provides you with expert coaching that is specific to you and your body’s needs.

Foundation sessions last one hour in length.  The total amount of sessions is dependent on each persons knowledge and ability to pick up the exercises safely and consistently.

The cost of each session is $60 each and must be paid in full prior to starting.

To get started TODAY, and to begin your new CrossFit fitness program, click on the link below to schedule your FREE Intro Tour.


We look forward to seeing your health and fitness goals finally achieved in 2015.

To your health,