Gainesville Open 2016

WOD- 02.06.16 


Here's some more information about our Gainesville Open Series.  This registration is separate from the CrossFit Open registration, so if you'd like to participate in the GVL Open as well, please make sure you are registered for BOTH events!

Here's to a great weekend!  If you don't have plans on Saturday, shoot down to Ocala to cheer some of your fellow GCF athletes on at the Thoroughbred Throwdown, hosted by CrossFit Pinnacle!


 Today's WOD: 

Partner WOD- Coaches Choice 

Your Effort Is Showing ;)

WOD- 02.05.16 

Ashley & Clark praying to the Mobility Gods ;) 

Ashley & Clark praying to the Mobility Gods ;) 

It's been another great week of training in the gym!  I know A LOT of you found new PR's on Tuesday when we did CrossFit Total; CONGRATS!!  We all notice your hard work paying off immensely and hope that you do too!  Keep up the amazing work!!


Today's WOD:

General warmup and Overhead Mobility

A) 12min AMRAP:
   - 10 OHS (95/65)
   -10 Pullups

B) Accessory Work:
   - 100 banded tricep push downs... In as few sets as possible
   -50 banded pull aparts... Focus on keeping the shoulder blades together throughout
   - 100 dumbbell shrugs... in as few sets as possible

C) Mobility: Internal Shoulder rotation and Lat mashing with lacrosse ball

Gator Fan On The Go

WOD- 02.04.16 


Part of the beauty of our GCF apparel is being able to head straight to the ODome after coaching to watch a basketball game... and not having to change into different clothes! LOL


Today's WOD: 

Warm-up: Coaches Choice

Skill work: Review WOD movements

A) 3RFT:

   - 300m Row
   - 15 SDHP (70/53)
   - 1 rope climb
   - 400m Run
   - 5 Tire flips

B) 12min EMOM
   - Even: 10 WB (20/14)
   - Odd: 10 Medball cleans

C) Foam Roll IT band, quads and calves


Competition Time!

WOD- 02.03.16

This Saturday there are a handful of us competing in the Thoroughbred Throwdown 3 at CrossFit Pinnacle in Ocala.  There are also some competing in a team competition down in St. Pete ... all in all, it sounds like a really fun weekend and I'm excited to hear how everyone does!  If you don't have anything going on, a cheering squad is always appreciated!  And if you've never been to a CrossFit competition, the electricity around the place is off the charts!  ...and you can still feel the buzz as a spectator!  They're a great time for everyone.  Come cheer us on  :)


Today's WOD:

Warmup: Burgener warmup
Skill work: HSPU technique


A) “15.4” ... 8min AMRAP
   - 3 HSPU
   - 3 Cleans (185/125)
   - 6 HSPU
   - 3 Cleans
   - 9 HSPU
   - 3 Cleans
   - 12 HSPU
   - 6 Cleans
   - 15 HSPU
   - 6 Cleans
   - 18 HSPU
   - 6 Cleans
   - 21 HSPU
   - 9 Cleans
** You add 3 reps to the HSPU EACH round, and add 3 reps to the Cleans EVERY 3 ROUNDS.
***HSPU for this WOD will be modified from the CF-HQ standard to the head being level with hands.
****Here's some quick math to help add up your total rep count:
       - if you complete the full round of 3 cleans = 27 reps
       - if you complete the full round of 6 cleans = 90 reps


B) 8min EMOM
   - Even: 10 Bent Over Rows
   - Odd: 10 Unbroken T2B


C) Mobility: Foam Roll out Lats, Using a barbell in a rack mash out triceps and traps.


You Won't Regret It

WOD- 02.02.16 



The OPEN is only 23 days away people!!  This is one of the most exciting times of the year around the gym!  I. Am. Pumped!  On top of the excitement for the Open itself, for the first time ever, 8 of the gyms in town have joined together to host the 'Gainesville Open'.  It is based on the CrossFit Open WODs, but is designed to bring our CrossFit community here in town a little closer together.  Check out this link to learn more about it-


Today's WOD:

Warmup: Coach's choice

Skill Work: Seated Box Jumps, working up in height (5x1)

...followed by banded lat mobility, and squat prep for today's WOD 

A) “Crossfit Total”
You get 3 attempts at each lift to find a 1RM
   - Back Squat 1-1-1 (12-15mins)
   - Shoulder Press 1-1-1 (10mins)
   - Deadlift 1-1-1 (12-15mins)
**Your first attempt should be a weight you know you can hit for 3 reps.

B) Group stretch & mobility


Community Support

WOD- 02.01.16

(thank you, Shonta, for snapping our group picture)

(thank you, Shonta, for snapping our group picture)

This past Saturday a group of us gathered together for the Officer Down Tribute WOD at Buchholz HS.  It was so inspiring to see the Community come together in such a way to pay tribute to all of those service men & women who gave their lives in the line of duty last year.  For every life lost, we performed 1 burpee box-jump ... hardly seems like much when you're talking about people who gave everything.  Nonetheless, everyone there got through all 129 burpee box-jumps.  Yes, 129 of them.  Let the magnitude of that sink in for a minute.  Not the number of those hellacious movements that we had to do; the number of lives lost in the line of duty.  

Everywhere you looked you saw bodies being thrown at the ground and then heaved into the air, hoping & praying to the box-jump Gods their landing was solid.  And anytime you started to think, "Wow, this burns." you could look over and see someone else doing the same thing but with a weighted vest on.  Or better yet, the Firefighters from the ACFR that were performing the entire thing in complete rescue attire.  When I say 'complete', I mean complete.  Bibs, jackets, oxygen tanks and face masks.  The energy surrounding the event was so motivating & inspiring we even had a couple of spectators join in last minute and use an extra box of ours.  Moments like that just do something for the soul.  Saturday was such a great reminder that in the midst of what always seems like so much negativity in the World, there is also good.  It may not always be noticeable, but it's there.  Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find it.


Today's WOD:

General Warmup followed by 2 minutes of DU practice

A) For time:

   - 1 mile Run

   - 50 Box jumps (24/20)

   - 50 Abmat Sit-ups

   - 40 KBS (70/53)

   - 40 Jumping Air squats

   - 30 Cal Row

   - 30 Abmat Sit-ups

   - 20 double unders

   - 20 HRPU

   - 10 Burpees

   - 10 Pistols, per leg



Tribute WOD

WOD- 01.30.16

Today is the big day!  The Officer Down Tribute WOD is being held at 11AM at the Buchholz High School track/football field.  Come check out this free event and perform the WOD along side numerous others, in remembrance of all of our service men & women who gave the ultimate sacrifice over the last year.  Let's help support our Gainesville Community today!


Today's WOD:  Partner WOD- Coaches Choice



New Class Schedule

WOD- 01.29.16

This is the last 'Bring a Friend' day in January ... pull 'em, push 'em, drag 'em in the door.  They'll thank you later!  ... most of them ;)

This is the last 'Bring a Friend' day in January ... pull 'em, push 'em, drag 'em in the door.  They'll thank you later!  ... most of them ;)

After a month of trying out new class times that started on the half-hour, we emailed out a survey to see which class times were preferable.  Starting at the top of the hour or on the half-hour.  The results were a pretty fair mix between the two options given, leaning just slightly towards starting classes at the top of the hour.  Since we didn't have an overwhelming desire one way or the other, we're rolling out a new gym schedule starting next week that will integrate both options.  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday classes will start on the hour.  Tuesday & Friday classes will start on the half-hour.

**Don't forget about the 'Officer Down Tribute WOD' that is being held on Saturday morning at the Buchholz High School track/football field.  The event is free & open to the public and starts at 11:00am.  Come out and support those service men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty last year.


Today's WOD:

A) General Warmup

B) For time: (20min cap) ... 21-15-9-6-3
   - Front squats (135/95)
   - Burpees


C) Bench Press: (5x2) with a 3 second pause at chest on each rep


Have You Registered?

WOD- 01.28.16

Have you registered for the Open yet?  If not, are you wondering if you should?  Can you do Muscle-Ups?  ...Double-Unders?  ...Handstand Push-Ups?  Did you answer 'No' to any or all of these??  Good.  Register anyways!!  The Open is the one time of the year that we can really test our training.  All CrossFitters perform the same WODs to the same required standards.  If you've been at this game for a while, then it's a good chance for you to see where you stack up against others from your gym, your town, your region, and country.  Since I started CrossFit, I have registered every year for the Open.  It teaches me a lot about myself.  There's something about the atmosphere in the gym when performing the Open workouts; the energy is at an all time high and you would be amazed at how much that will help your mental game during a WOD!  This will not only teach you where your true weaknesses lie, but when you have everyone cheering you on, it will also teach you just how far you can really push yourself when you shut down your mind and just move.  I've said hundreds of times before, your mind will quit 1000x faster than your body will.  Most of us just aren't strong enough mentally to shut down our brains and 'go to the dark side'.  (Injuries aside).

If you're on the fence about it, check out this article-

If you know you want to register and just haven't gotten around to it, or are unsure how to, here's the registration link-


Todays WOD:

A) Warmup: 30 good mornings barbell or PVC

B) 10min AMRAP
   - 400m run
   - 15 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)
   - 15 HRPU


**Rest 5 Mins**

C) 10min AMRAP
   - 200m Run
   - 10 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)
   - 10 HRPU ...

D) 5x5 Snatch Deadlifts @70% of Snatch



WOD- 01.27.16

'Standards'; a topic that's not discussed on a daily basis, but is an important topic that we need to discuss ... especially with the Open right around the corner.  A couple of weeks ago we made the announcement that there would no longer be multiple divisions written on the board for each movement in a WOD ('Fitness', 'Rx', and 'Performance'); there would only be 'Rx'.  We made that decision to make logging your WODs easier in SugarWOD.  It's simple; if you do not do every movement in the workout as prescribed ('Rx') then you log your WOD results as 'Scaled'.  For the most part, this seems to be working well, however, we are noticing that maybe we haven't spent enough time explaining the standard for each movement in a WOD.  I am bringing this up mostly because the Open is just a few weeks away and for anyone registering (which we hope you all will!) you will need to meet the standards for each movement for your reps to count ... there are no Bro-reps around here!!  (if you've never heard of a 'Bro-rep', Google it- it'll be a good laugh!)

For example, Toes-to-Bar.  According to CrossFit standards a T2B is only considered a good rep if both feet touch the bar, at the same time.  If you did yesterdays WOD and were able to perform the Deadlifts & Snatches at the prescribed weight, but you weren't meeting that standard for the T2B, then technically your workout was Scaled.  And in the land of the Open if you don't meet that standard, not a single one of those reps would count.  I will tell you from personal experience, nothing is more aggravating than someone standing next to you yelling "NO REP!" all because you're not accustomed to training to the standard.  So let's start keeping standards in mind for our WODs.  In a very generalized sense, for Squats your hip crease should reach parallel at the bottom of your squat (if you have the range of motion/mobility to do so)- this counts for a proper Wallball as well.  For any Overhead movement your hips should be fully extended and your elbows locked out at the top.  Push-ups, your chest should come in contact with the floor.  And for Pull-ups, your chin should come above the bar- unless it is prescribed as Chest-to-Bar.

Again, that is just a very generalized list.  If you ever have any questions about a particular movements standard, just ask your Coach and we'll be happy to explain it.  Or you can also Google the CrossFit standard for any movement; HQ has some great videos that will show the standards in motion.  While I understand that we are all at very different points in our training and not everyone has the mobility or range-of-motion to meet particular movement standards, it's still good to know what they are and to keep working towards them.  Every ounce of progress is progress nonetheless, no matter how minuscule it may feel.  Keep up the great work in the gym and your eyes peeled for more info about the Open coming your way!


Todays WOD:

A) General Warmup:Banded Hip/Ankle Mobilty

B) Skill work: Rope climbing and the footlock

C) For time: (10min cap)
   - 21 Hang Power cleans(135/95)
   - 30 Double Unders
   - 15 Hang Power Cleans(135/95)
   - 30 Double Unders
   - 9 Hang Power Cleans(135/95)
   - 30 Double Unders


D) OHS 8-6-3-1 Build up in weight


2016 CrossFit Games- OPEN

WOD- 01.26.16 


 This years OPEN is upon us already!!  This is one of the most exciting times of every year for CrossFitters world-wide. It's a chance for us all to see how we stack up against our peers, starting on a level playing field. For anyone not familiar with the format, the OPEN is a five week format in which one workout is released each week and after performing each WOD, you log your results.

This year we're doing things a little different in Gainesville and we will be hosting the first ever Gainesville Open Series, in conjunction with the CrossFit Open series. For all of the details on how you can be a part of this, check out this link-

This will be a great thing & tons of fun with our local CrossFit community!  We will still be having the OPEN workouts here at the gym for everyone to participate in as well, but it's definitely worth you reading about!


Today's WOD:

A) General Warmup: Muscle Ups

B) 50-40-30-20-10

   - WB (20/14)
   - Ab mat situps

C) Deadlifts: 8-6-4 then 2RM


THIS Saturday...

WOD- 01.25.16

This Saturday is the 'Office Down Tribute WOD' at Buchholz High School.  It starts at 1100 and is open to the public; it will be performed at the BHS football field/track.  Again, this is an open even to the public put on every year as a way to commemorate those service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice over the last year, in the line of duty.  We would love to see as many of you out there as possible!  

Due to the event starting at 1100, we will only have one class at the gym this Saturday.  It will be at 0930 so sign up early if you'd like to come.  Our Saturday classes usually fill up fast when we're offering two of them, so I can only assume this one class will be full before you know it!


Today's WOD:

A) General Warmup: Banded/lacrosse ball Lat & Pec Mobility (5mins)

B) ”15.1” ... 9min AMRAP:
   - 15 T2B
   - 10 Deadlifts (115/75)
   - 5 Snatches (115/75)

***If you want to get yourself a little psyched up for this one, check out the video link below of Rich Froning & Mat Fraser going head-to-head in last years open just after 15.1 was announced!

C) “15.1a” ... 6mins to find a 1RM Clean & Jerk

***Go straight from 15.1 into 15.1a, there is NO REST PERIOD between the two!

D) Strict Press
   - Build up to a heavy 1 rep, then perform (4x3) @ 85% of that 1 rep



The Open is Coming!

WOD- 01.23.16 


Open season is upon us once again!!  I am so excited for this!  It gives you an opportunity to put all of your training to the test.  We've got BIG things planned for this years Open and will be sharing the details this week!  Have a great weekend everyone & stay warm! 


 Partner WOD:  Coaches Choice 

Walk the Line

WOD- 01.22.16 


Leg day?  ... more like Leg Week!  Here's to walking like a drunk person for the weekend ;)

**this works in my favor since I'll be in Savannah for a Bachelorette party!  I like to find the silver-lining in things, LOL.     


Today's WOD:

A) 15min AMRAP

   - 25 Abmat sit-ups

   - 25 jumping split lunges

   - 1 rope climb

   - 12/9 cal Row (male/female)

B) Push press:  3x10

C) Shoulder & Lat mobility


Tribute WOD

WOD- 01.21.16

For any of you that missed the first announcement about this event, or haven't seen the event on our Facebook page, this years 'Officer Down Tribute WOD' will be held on Saturday, January 30th.  This tribute WOD is performed every year as a way to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty over the past year.  It is free & open to the public.  Check out the flyer above for more information.


Warm-up: Coaches Choice

Skill work: HSPU technique


Todays WOD:

A) "Diane"  21-15-9

   - Deadlifts (225/155)

   - HSPU


B) 20RM Front Squat

C) Mobility: Couch stretch and roll out quads with barbell



Beauty in Strength

WOD- 01.20.16

Just a handful of our strong, beautiful women here at Gator CrossFit...

Just a handful of our strong, beautiful women here at Gator CrossFit...

This is by far one of my favorite pictures of our Gator CrossFit girls ... and our numbers are growing tremendously!  The women of CrossFit have set a precedence for our younger generations.  CrossFit is taking on numerous stereotypes on a daily basis, head-on, including that of what society & magazines say women should look like.  Having a 15 year old daughter myself, I'm reminded on a daily basis just how cruel society can be when you don't look like the girls in the magazines, and how much it can break down your self-esteem.  That doesn't just go for young girls; it goes for all women.  Now there's a new breed of women taking on societies opinions, and showing that beauty can be found in strength.  I am so happy to be surrounded by so many strong, beautiful women here at Gator CrossFit, and proud of what I witness on a daily basis- building each other up, rather than tearing each other down.  You ladies are truly an inspiration to me, and I hope you all feel the same when you look around our gym at the women training beside you!


Warm-up:  Bergener warm-up

Skill: Kipping T2B ...


Todays WOD:

A) "13.4" ... 7min AMRAP

   - 3 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

   - 3 T2B

   - 6 C&J

   - 6 T2B


B) Bench press:  5x5

C) Pec & Lat Mobility


Friday! Friday! Friday!

WOD- 01.19.16 


Don't forget that every Friday this month you can bring a friend to try out our crazy CrossFit world, for free!  It's always a fun time getting our non-CrossFitting friends in the doors. You know, the ones who bash all things CrossFit and then try it out and immediately have to stick their foot in their mouth because it's actually amazing. Those friends. Lol.


Todays WOD:

Warmup: "Bring Sally up" front squats, using a PVC pipe

Mobility: front rack prep-Tricep mash


A) For time:  2RDS

   - 30 pull-ups

   - 30 Back squats (115/85)

   - 30 box jumps (30/24)


B) Accessory Work: Face Pulls (3x10)


C) Calf and hamstring Mobility


Free Seminar

WOD- 01.18.16

This Saturday, January 23rd, we are hosting a free seminar called 'Healthy, Wealthy & Wise' from 12-1:30.  This is your opportunity to learn how to balance your body and how you can become less stressed and virtually pain free.  For more information on the seminar, click on this link-


Warm-up:  Coaches Choice

Skillwork:  (5x3) Strict Muscle-Ups  ... with the help of a partner (if needed), your partner can hold your feet.  Make sure to use the false grip & dead-hang at the bottom.  Remember, arms locked out, keeping the rings close throughout the movement.  


Today's WOD:

A) 15.3 - 14min AMRAP

   - 7 Muscle Ups ... MU scale is at the Coaches discretion; recommended scale is 1 ring-row + 1 dip, per MU

   - 50 Wallballs (20/14)

   - 100 Double Unders ... if scaling, 200 singles


B) Strict Shoulder Press:  (3x10)




Getting Stoked!

WOD- 01.15.16

There are only 40 more days until 16.1 is announced!

There are only 40 more days until 16.1 is announced!

Sooooooo, how're those shoulders feeling today after yesterdays WOD?  I couldn't do yesterdays workout, but I was able to watch from the sidelines while coaching our CrossFit Lite class, and the memories came flooding back.  12.5 was a rough one for sure, yet I decided to re-do three times that year to keep tRying to increase my score.  I'm a weird one, I know.  While watching everyone do it yesterday didn't make me miss it any, it did get me totally amp'd up for this years Open!!  We have some great stuff in store for this year, so stay tuned for the details!


Todays WOD:

Warmup: Coach’s choice
A) Gymnastics: Tabata(8RDS) Hollow Holds


B) 10RDS:
   - 5 HRPU
   - 5 KBS (70/53)
   - 200m Sprint


C) Mobility: Using a barbell roll out your quads, using a kb Handle roll out your calves.